Freight Management Specialists

The Right Carrier, the Right Method, the Right Price

Have you got the right carrier?

We bring the experience required to model your freight requirement and get you with the right carrier, using the right method at the right price

  • Right Carrier

    You are on the best rates with the best carriers to meet your needs.

  • Right Method

    Your carriers have the capacity to meet peak demand or left field tasks.

  • Right Price

    Cost and rate creep is eliminated. You are saving money.

Knowledge and Experience

Staffed by career long Logistics and Manufacturing professionals at ES Logistics we have a passion for adding value to our clients and building stronger businesses.

Founded in 2012 by Matthew Crook the goal has always been to improve our clients’ businesses and to see freight as a competitive advantage. With Garry Pitt joining in 2014 the company’s focus and growth narrowed down to providing the highest value add proposition – A low cost managed solution by ES Logistics’ existing clients freight needs.


We Assess - Your business, your products, your customers, your requirements


We Review - Your current needs and areas for improvement, your rates, your carrier’s performance


We Manage - Continuous improvement, cost savings, invoicing, saving you money


We Negotiate - Performance criteria, rates, terms, arrangements and expectations for each freight provider

Your Challenge

How do you get a truly competitive freight service if you don’t have up to the minute industry knowledge?

The Opportunity

Utilise a professional with the inside knowledge of how to avoid the trips and traps of the industry

Our Solution

A tailor made solution extracting the very best methods, service and cost for your unique needs


It can be difficult to be across the daily and weekly COST detail of what you are being charged for your freight movements. We look after this.

There are many tricks and traps to avoid when using freight providers. We ensure you are on the right path

Assessing freight providers can be a daunting task! Which carrier fits your specific needs? How do you know what the true current market value is? We are constantly in the market and will keep you current.

We understand the market, the carriers, their capability, capacity, performance and rates. Our knowledge and experience is your asset!

What Customers Are Saying About Us

Geoff Pike
Managing Director at General Trade Industries

Matthew is an energetic individual that holds a professional level of integrity and has proven ability to understand business. I witnessed personally how Matthew approached every situation in a unique manner that resulted in a systematic and transparent approach that is easily recognizable and effective.

In 2012 GTI used Matthew to undertake a disciplined review of our supply chain management system along with other business system aids.

During Mathews program, and as a direct result of his teams involvement; our business was able to understand comprehensively a new perspective for our business (regarding SCM) and we were able to clearly define a program of strategies to benefit our business and its approach towards meeting future goals.

Rodney Molla
Chief Executive Officer at Brasserie Bread

Matthew did a great job on helping to review our supply chain and look at various freight and warehousing options. This helped lead to significant savings in the supply chain and also set the business for further growth.

Rob Bobby
Manager at Charles Kendall Group

Matthew has a logical and analytical mind which is well suited to tasks involving the review and study of systems and processes. We engaged Matthew to study and review a supply chain system and we were extremely satisfied with his input and ideas.

Saul Martinez
Site Manager at Houston’s Farm

Garry is an effective, results driven professional who delivers above expectations and has leadership skills that motivate and inspire those who work with him.

I had the opportunity to work with Garry in several projects where his business acumen and decision making ability were key to the successful completion of those projects.

Michael Palmer
Maintenance Manager at George Western Foods

Garry consistently demonstrated that he is an astute and effective negotiator, well versed in the skills required to interact with staff at all levels, and able to achieve long-term outcomes.

Garry’s “whole of business” insight, coupled with his depth of production environment expertise, allowed him to consistently offer the business realistic and meaningfull solutions, in what is a very dynamic operational environment.

No challange to difficult, no question too hard, and a truly skilled and refreshing personality to work with.

Gerard Cooney
Manager, Planning & Development at Wilmar Sugar Australia Limited

I worked with Garry while at CSR across a number of functional /operational roles and found him to be a self-driven energetic contributor.

An influencer of people, Garry was a key player in our company’s Team Based Operational strategy. Following great success with this strategy within our business unit, Garry went on to implement and train other business units within our organisation and represented the company on speaking tours around the country and as key speaker at annual conferences.

Garry is a contributor, an action orientated individual that brings his own energy to the team he is leading or working with.